This Woman Definitely Did Not Look The Way She Wanted On Her Wedding Day

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Amie, who was a blogger, felt like her life was a dream come true. She had three beautiful children and was planning a wedding to the man of her dreams. However, just like many of us, she obsessed over her looks prior to her wedding. She went on a diet, exercised to increase her core strength and did many beauty treatments to help ensure that she looked her best on her big day. She even played around on her camera to practice selfie poses. She figured that these pre-practiced poses would help her find her best angles, ensuring that she loved her wedding pictures. After all, the pictures would be hung on the walls of her home for decades to come.


However, as is usually the case, the best laid plans often go to waste. Despite following her diet to a “t,” exercising and looking absolutely stunning, she was given a curve ball she had not planned for. You see, Amie was not feeling well a couple of weeks prior to her wedding. She ended up going to the doctor, who thought that she had a sinus infection, based on the symptoms she was having. She was given antibiotics, but the pain did not go away. So she went back to the doctors, only this time, the diagnosis was much different. It turns out that Amie did not have a sinus infection. She had an abscess that had eaten through tissue and the bone in her sinus area. This is why she had many of the symptoms of a sinus infection.

Amie underwent surgery and was given multiple antibiotics to help fight the infection. But in that moment, all she could think about was her wedding. She asked the doctor if her face would be healed for her wedding, which at this point was only a few days away. The doctor told her it would take weeks for the swelling in her face to go down. After all of the work and planning she had done, her wedding pictures would now feature her with what she called a “Quasimodo” face, based on the character in “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” movie.

Amie seriously considered postponing her wedding until her face had healed. But she had invested so much time in effort into ensure this would be the perfect wedding. And so many people had already planned on being there for their big day. She talked to her husband about how she was feeling and it was then that she realized her loved her, no matter how she looked and this wedding was about so much more than looking perfect. She decided to go through with the wedding on the scheduled day. And while many of her photos have her face turned to the side so you can’t even see the swelling, she wants everyone to look past the way they look on their wedding day and focus on the love and joy of the day instead.