The Jungle Book Remix

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If you are anything like me you enjoyed the 1894 book The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling and the animated features which were either based on or inspired by the literary work:

• The 2016 adaptation – an animated feature produced by Disney. This film was a blockbuster ranking as the 32nd highest grossing film of all time raking in over 960 million dollars.

• A 1967 Disney animated musical feature, which grossed over 23 million dollars and just as much on the two occasions that it was re-released. That’s a lot of money for 1967! Apparently EVERYONE loves this story. Maybe so much so that two parents from Europe decided to live it out in real life? Read on.


The overall story chronicles the life of the uber-cute Mowgli and how he came to dominate the jungle in which he found himself from infancy. Mowgli’s parents were killed by a tiger when they were all in the jungle. The animals took little Mowgli in until he left the jungle at the urging of the animals. Of course Mowgli’s domination could not come about without the help of the animal kingdom which found, nurtured and protected the young human “cub” since they first interfaced. At around age 10, Mowgli had to leave the jungle because some in the animal kingdom feared he would exploit the jungle’s resources. They plotted to kill Mowgli so his “family” urged him to leave. But that wonderful story is all fiction, albeit beloved fiction – right?

It Happened In Real Life

Tippi Benjamine Okanti Degré Is A Real Life Mowgli

This beautiful girl, Tippi grew up in the jungles of Africa after being born in Namibia. The only difference between this Mowgli and the fictitious one is that Tippi was always under the watchful eye of her parents who lived along with her until young Tippi/Mowgli turned ten years of age. At that time the family moved to a flat in Europe. Tippi never forgot her jungle roots.

How Did Her Parents Give Her A Bit Of The Wild Side Of Life In Their European Flat?

A girl who used to fend off would-be bottle stealing monkeys single handedly went to a place where she had no access to animals. There was no doubt Tippi was heartsick for her jungle friends: Abu, the elephant, J&B the leopard and Linda the ostrich.

She had a leopard cub lick her hand much like the family dog would.

She rode atop an elephant.

She preened her neck real tall in the high bush with an ostrich.

A meerkat explored her back and hair scents as it curiously crawled on her.

Tippi’s parents answered her want with a budgie bird. Serving as her “only friend” back in Europe, the bird was a constant companion accompanying the young lady on the train and everywhere she went.

Whatever Happened to the Real Life Mowgli?
Tippi is now 27 years old and went to college to study film. Can’t wait to see what she comes up with but be rest assured it will be wild!