Photos of Shelter Dogs the Moment They Realize They’re Being Adopted

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Every dog needs a home, but some of them have been forced to live in a shelter. Every one of these dogs has a story. But in spite of the difficulties that they’ve had in the past, there are some that end up having happy endings. Here are some photos of happy dogs that have been adopted by compassionate and caring people who want to give them a fresh start in life.


The smile on this dog is precious, because he has been embraced by the love of the person in the red jacket. With a warm home on a cold night with a doggie bowl full of delicious food, things couldn’t get any better. It’s like the movie, “All Dogs Go to Heaven.” Except this time, it’s for real.


This dog went from the cold steel of a shelter cage to the softness of a seat cushion. And let’s not forget about the person sitting in the passenger side of this car, because she just made this dog’s day. I don’t care what anybody else says – this dog is cute when he smiles.


Some dogs get happy, but this guy took it to a completely different level when he found out he was going to have a new home. After all, who wouldn’t want this cute ball of fur sitting beside them on the couch after a hard day?


Who can ignore the expression of the dog on the right? He knows where he’s going, and the suspense is killing him. He can’t wait to get out that cage and on the way to his new home, and who can blame him? I wouldn’t want to be locked up in a prison cell, either.


Both of them seem to be happier than they’ve ever been, because they have found what seems to be a match made in heaven. As the song goes, they were once lost and have now been found. Though it’s probably truer for the dog than the woman holding him.


This dog is so eager to get out of the shelter that he put his paws on the top of this metal barrier. He’s ready to put his troubles behind him so he can enjoy his new life. Waiting’s always the worst part, especially when it’s something to look forward to.


While this dog may have had a lot of bad luck, things are looking much better because he’s going to be the companion of a very compassionate man. You can just see the look on the dog’s face when he opened the cage and reached out to pet him, but that’s just the beginning for him. Soon, he will have a home and an owner who loves him.


After looking at this photo, it’s pretty clear what this woman is about to do. And if that’s the case, then this dog’s luck is about to change. His prison sentence is about to end, and he’ll be heading out into the real world soon. He’s tired of staring at a cinderblock wall, and no one can blame him.


This dog can barely contain his excitement when he realizes that he will finally be let out of his cage and on his way to a new home, but this dog already had a lot going for him. After all, who could resist that cute face and sweet brown eyes? Not to mention, a heart that’s full of unconditional love and appreciation for the kind soul who rescued him.


This dog is so excited that he can barely contain himself, and the reason is because he’s on the way to a new home and a loving family. He’s been in that shelter for too long, and his cage was getting smaller every day. The car is a welcome change, and he’ll feel much better once he has a yard to run around in.


It’s hard to say how long this dog has been in the cage behind him, but I can only imagine how happy he feels to be let out. What’s even better is that the woman on the right is about to adopt him. And because of that, things are about to get a whole lot better.


I don’t know if these two come as a pair, but both of them look happy to see whoever is holding the camera. Either way, someone is going to have a cute companion to come home to every day.


This dog is so eager to get out that he decided to stick his nose through the chain-link fence, and it’s probably because he realizes that his days in that awful cage are numbered. Some kind soul from the outside world must have fallen in love with this cute little guy, and he decided to make him his new furry friend.


This boxer has the cutest smile on his face, because he has been taken in by someone with a big heart. With a face like that, it was only a matter of time before someone would fall in love with him. And he’s happy that the moment has finally arrived.


This dog couldn’t be happier to walk out of that nasty shelter, because someone has finally decided to take him in. In fact, the person holding the camera has a special place in that dog’s heart. After all, who could resist the charms of this bundle of love?


Not only has this dog been adopted, but he also has a feline counterpart to double the fun. The man in the background must really love animals, because double the fun also means twice the work. Even so, this is one happy furry family.


The person holding the camera has put a smile on this dog’s face, and it could be because he has won the heart of this animal lover. This dog’s future looks a lot brighter because of this person’s kindness, and he will have someone there for him no matter what. Why would a dog not smile in a situation like that?


The face of this puppy lit up when someone decided to take him out of the shelter and into his home. But with those bubbly eyes and irresistible smile, it was only a matter of time. Despite what might have happened to him in the past, it feels good to be a dog.