LOOK How This Woman Told Her Husband About Her First Pregnancy

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When Wayne Blackmore saw the red and blue lights of a police car flashing behind him, he immediately thought he was being pulled over for not having a front license plate again. It seems he has had issues with that in the past and not corrected it. However, despite being upset, he immediately pulled over and put his hands on the steering wheel, while his wife Michelle recorded him and laughed, asking why he had his hands up.


When the police officer approached the car, he begin to lecture Wayne, telling him that there are rules in place for a reason. Because Wayne knew he did not have a front license plate, he instinctively thought that was exactly what the officer was referring to. As such, he never once asked why he was being pulled over, which is perfect, as the surprise that was about to follow may have been ruined. Wayne, not wanting a ticket, readily agreed with the officer about rules and laws by stating yes sir repeatedly. The police officer then told Wayne that as a parent, he also needs to follow the rules to set a good example for his children. He did not have any children, but he was not letting the officer know that, so once again, he obliged with a yes sir. But then the officer dropped a bombshell on Wayne.

The officer who had pulled Wayne over told him that he was know in the parent’s club, and handed him a ticket that stated that his wife, Michelle, was expecting their first child. His wife had set up the prank, having enlisting an off-duty officer to pull Wayne over and give him the surprise. You see, Wayne and Michelle had been trying to get pregnant with no success for years. They had recently resorted to IVF, or invitro fertilization. Michelle felt this took all of the surprise out of trying to have a baby. So when she found out she was pregnant, she wanted to make sure that it was the surprise of Wayne’s life. That is how she came up with this idea.

When Wayne was pulled over, he was a bit nervous, as we all are when we are pulled over by the police. But can you imagine the nerves he had to be experiencing learning that he was expecting his first child? Wayne said that he was in shock, and once that wore off, he quickly become excited and happy. For her part, Michelle is excited and thrilled that she was able to pull of the prank. Currently, they are awaiting the birth of their first born child, whose sex they do not yet know, and enjoying being instant Internet celebrities.