Jennifer Pamplona $100,000 Transformation into a Human Barbie Doll

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One of the most common toys that almost every young girl born in the last few decades had was a Barbie doll. Within this period it is hard to find a girl without at least one Barbie doll. Seemingly there is just something about it that that makes young girls go crazy about them.

While one might expect that a girl, after growing up forgets about a Barbie doll, you will be surprised by the extent to which one particular lady went to transform her look to resemble that of a Barbie doll. Jennifer Pamplona is a former Versace model. Apparently, she found her true love – who is now deceased – whom she was willing to do anything for. The 24-year old model from Brazil is the hot topic of discussion in the recent past with her unique transformational cosmetic surgery.


Jennifer underwent drastic cosmetic surgeries to transform her look to resemble a Barbie doll. The transformation cost her a mind-blowing $100, 000. Of course, various people have undergone cosmetic surgeries before. But not to resemble a doll. The reason for her taking this action was to honor the wishes of her late boyfriend. Her deceased boyfriend was Celso Santebanes. He wanted Jennifer to resemble a Barbie doll and Jennifer did not disappoint him – though he can no longer see her. Her transformation is nothing short of incredible. No one would have thought a real-life Barbie doll could walk on the streets, thanks to a loved one’s wish.

“The Human Ken doll” is the name she got after her unique and unseen transformation. She now has a new body and looks. She has fortunately managed to achieve her unique life goal and honor the wishes that Celso, her boyfriend and love of her life had. The photos of her after her transformation are incredibly awesome.

The couple was deep in love, and they loved their lives as professional models. Celso wanted to turn his girlfriend into a human Barbie. Unfortunately, he did not live long enough to see his wish of having a human Barbie for a girlfriend come through. He had leukemia and succumbed to death. His death was heavy on Jennifer leaving her with enormous grief back in 2015.

During an interview she had after Celso’s death, she stated how devastated she was after his death and that she had never imagined that such a tragedy would face them while they were still so young in their love.

She loved him so much that she was willing to fulfill his final wishes – even if it meant it would change her appearance for good. So she took the step of undergoing cosmetic surgery to transform her body to resemble a Barbie doll, just like her boyfriend wanted. The transformation was so drastic and real that even her family could not identify her at first.

Jennifer stated that the cosmetic surgery really helped her come out of the sea of depression she was sinking in. The love still lives within her.

While you might think that is the end of it all, it’s not! She looks forward to undergoing further transformation and have a bigger bum than Kim Kardashian. We can wait and see how far she can go with her transformation.