“It Takes Two Baby… Just Me And You” – A Couple With Down Syndrome Celebrates 22 Years of Wedded Bliss

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A Match Made in Heaven
Half of the people who get married today will have that union end in divorce according to current statistics. This alarming reality is softened by its heartwarming counterpoint – the other half stay married. In this cynical culture we wonder – are they happy? No one on the outside truly knows but we do know that one couple who just so happen to both have Down Syndrome has defied the odds. They enjoy a happy and healthy marriage of 22 years. Keep reading for their secret.

Can You Lead a Normal Life With Down’s Syndrome?

The Answer is An Overwhelmingly Exuberant YES!!

While we all have our own individual definition of normal, it appears that the happy couple is just that, renewing their marriage vows on their 20th anniversary to boot.

Down Syndrome is a chromosomal disorder that affects 1 out of 1000 births. There is no cure for the disorder and the chances of giving birth to a child with Down Syndrome increases significantly after age 35. The disorder was given a fully described outline by Dr. John Langdon Down in 1866, hence the name. People affected have an extra 21st chromosome. This abnormality comes with some reduction in intellectual ability (this varies widely) along with unique physical challenges. It is said that the typical adult person with the disorder has the intellectual capacity of an 8 year old. Life expectancy is on average about 60 years. The characteristic slanted eyes are the first outward sign that someone has the disorder.

Two Decades And Counting…
The Pilings are from the United Kingdom and have enjoyed their fairy tale for over twenty years and counting tying the knot in 1995. Tommy and Maryann dated for 18 months before Tommy decided to pop the question. Like a true gentlemen he approached Maryann’s parents first to make his intentions known. Maryann’s mother Linda agreed that he could propose to her daughter however they had to exchange the toy ring he showed her for a real engagement ring.

Tommy Pilling – Cradle Robber
Tommy is 14 years the senior to Maryann. Not sure if that is his secret to marital bliss. He is 59 while Maryann is 45 years of age. They enjoy walking on the pier and even wear matching tee shirts exclaiming their happiness. His reads “Best Husband Ever” as Maryann dons her “Best Wife Ever” tee shirt.

Maryann Tells How You Stay Married For Twenty Two Years…
Starting out they enjoyed an all white wedding in Essex. This was a dream come true for Maryann. Now an experienced wife she imparts some wisdom to the world. Maryann Piling shares the secret to her happy marriage. She states that her husband is her best friend. She is all smiles and hugs as the quintessential picture of a woman in love. The couple never argues according to her. That sounds like the ticket.