I’m Black, I’m Gorgeous , I’m Hannah Montana!

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How you define yourself is what is important. We should not let ourselves be defined by anyone else’s standards or stereotypes. In comes Black beauty Lolita.


Bombshell Model
This social media darling has taken the internet by storm. Using her stunning good looks and her boldness in being a self-defined beauty in a world filled with people who are constantly looking for acceptance and a place to belong, Lolita is making a name for herself. Though she refers to herself as the “Black Hannah Montana” it is easy to clarify this statement as an affirmation that you can be of any color and even be the darkest of browns and be beautiful.

Why This Statement Is So Important To Make?

Why This Statement Is Even Necessary To Make?

Come On Man, its 2017 – Are We Still Talking About Race and Skin Color and What Makes An Individual Beautiful?
Unfortunately, in the past American beauty has been defined as looking one particular way. Thin was in, no curves, skinny as a rail. Then curves were in, round bottoms, the androgynous look had been bid farewell. Blonde hair, blue eyes was all the rage. The media kept giving us one thing and we all felt that if we didn’t look like that one thing we were ugly. The truth is even with all of the trends that came and went in America’s fashion frenzy over the centuries; White women were always depicted as being the most beautiful of all. Despite what we may feel individually we all have to agree that this is what the media fed us.

What About Me?
People who looked differently were put on the shelf. We have made so much progress in this area but amid the current political climate and the derogatory depictions of women that became part of our last presidential election, it is easy to feel that this country still has a long way to go in giving women their equal due. Some people view women as just a prop for men. Women are synonymous with being just a beautiful trophy to be on a powerful man’s arm.

If We Keep Trying We Are Going To Get This Right …Moving Forward

Lolita – But Why Hannah Montana?
Why? Her opinion matters. When you see the pictures of Lolita she does look like Hannah Montana. With the high cheekbones and perfectly symmetrical doe-shaped, luminous eyes she is a stunner. Her friends think she looks like the Black Barbie and that’s what they call her. Maybe she likens herself to Hannah Montana because she is like the character America fell in love with on the Disney Channel.

Who Is Hannah Montana?
The series ran for four seasons and tacked 98 episodes under its belt. It depicted a young Miley Cyrus who was the star of the show. She was a regular girl during the day but then transformed into a rock star at night becoming the infamous Hannah Montana. Wonder who Lolita turns into at night. Stay tuned!