Girl Hercules: What Made Her Famous and How Her Life is Now

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13 years ago, Varya Akulova made headlines for possessing the ability to lift her entire family’s weight, over 600 pounds, in weights or by physically carrying them on her back. But this wasn’t her first record. When she was just eight years old, she set a Guinness World record by lifting 220 pounds, even though she only weighed 88 pounds at the time. Due to the amount of upper body strength she had, she was affectionately given the nickname of girl Hercules. At just 12 years old, many people considered her to be the strongest girl in the world. This was over 13 years ago, and today Varya is 25 years old. So what is she up to and is she still bodybuilding? Read on to learn more.


When she was young, Varya Akulova was able to display her skills in front of the world. Her father was a strongman in the circus, which required lifting large amounts of weights. It is believed that the genes that allowed her to be so strong were passed down to her from her father. Because of his in with the circus, he was able to get her into the circus, despite her young age. At one point, they were doing a father and daughter lifting act, each showing off their unhuman like ability to lift large amounts of weights. While his lifting abilities were impressive, people were more intrigued by his daughters lifting skills. Varya was a small girl with the ability to lift large amounts of weights. She became a huge draw, but eventually, she became bored and wanted more out of life than being a part of the circus.

After leaving the circus, Varya Akulova participated in many weight lifting tournaments. This helped her showcase her strength in a more professional setting than the circus allowed. She racked up award after award for her skills. She continued the tournaments throughout most of her teenage years. At one point, she did leave weight lifting and focused on acrobatics, which was something she was relatively good at and had a passion for. However, she loved weight lifting and eventually returned to the sport that she truly excelled in and became famous for.

These days, Varya is no longer performing in weight lifting competitions. However, this does not mean she is not lifting; she is. She continues to lift for both her career and for personal enjoyment. Currently, she is working as a physical trainer, teaching others how to properly lift and to use the proper technique. She found competitions too strenuous on her body and lost the desire to compete. While she never suffered any serious injuries, the day to day pains and strains on her body took a toll. However, she did not lose the love of weight lifting, which is why this became a great career path for you. She says that she is currently happy, healthy and remains strong.