Employee Of The Month Is Not In The Cards For These Careless Workers

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Workplace safety is, and should be of utmost importance. The problem arises when employees decide to innovate, without forethought or authority. What results is always interesting!

Where do we begin to discover just how careless some employees are?
Inevitably, the transportation industry is tasked with reducing roadway accidents. And while one can understand how a heavy dump truck can fall on its side, it is much more difficult to figure out how a loaded dump truck can find itself upside down across the the road’s divider. It is likely that the driver is still wondering how this happened?


Driving a tractor-trailer or 18-wheeler requires a special driving permit. A tractor-trailer driver must be trained to avoid jack-knifing their vehicle. And while the 18-wheeler shown below looks like it has been jack-knifed, it is really just trying to negotiate a hair-pin turn, without any luck. Either that, or the driver could not figure out which road they wanted to drive on. When you think about what this professional driver was trying to accomplish, all you can do is giggle.


The United States Postal Service’s motto is ‘Mail is delivered in the rain, the snow or bitter cold. But what happens when the mail is unexpectedly set afire; eventually becoming ash or a messy water and paper unidentifiable piece of mail?


The commercial paint job is either the one and only field sobriety test an impaired driver might actually pass, a paint-layer with some messed-up mechanisms, or an employee who forgot what he was doing. My money is on the employee.


There are actually no logical explanations to describe the contents of this picture. The elements of danger are more obvious than flashing neon lights. Sawing a piece wood an inch or so from another human being’s butt is simply ill advised. The man using the saw should really consider placing two feet solidly upon the ground when attempting to saw a man’s body in half. Is he wearing headphones so he won’t have to hear the other guy’s screaming when the blade hits his coccyx?


What could go wrong for this painter. Looking backwards while standing on the top of a ladder is a really bad idea as it throws one’s equilibrium off naturally. But let’s take some real risk by setting the ladder within a metal shopping cart. Did the guy forget that the shopping cart is held upright by four movable wheels? I guess he thought he would be safe as he has placed a metal chair nearby to break his fall. Why not use just choose to use a taller ladder?


School safety and security is a high priority for schools and communities. Private and public schools budget for security measures on a constant basis. These security measures are expensive, so it is important not to waste those dollars ear-marked for school security programs. The school pictured below seemed to miss the boat on just what a security measure really accomplishes. The motorized case for the moving red and blue ‘arm’ has either been misplaced, or the swinging arm installed is about half as long as it needs to be.


Figure skating is an art form that takes years and years of training to perfect. This skating mishap looks quite painful, but who is responsible for this mess? The skater for a flawed performance, the ice maintainers or the contractors whose poorly constructed ice skating rink wall broke apart upon impact?


It is important to manage public construction projects in a way the reduces the impact on those who live near an ongoing road modification. This includes the proper usage of signage that educates drivers 24 hours per day. Drivers riding along the street below have been warned by the traffic department about ongoing road work. Can anyone guess what road work is being done between those two signs?


Every woman who enters this restroom will meet the scene with disbelief, embarrassment or raging confusion. I hope any woman who enters this bathroom does not have to go with any urgency. There is no privacy, and men freely walk about this restroom.


Safety and signage go hand in hand. The picture below is simply wrong. The one way lane – which is sharply curving left – leads to a rounded curb designated as a dead end. I hope the company tasked with this responsibility is fully insured and bonded as this incorrect signage is likely to lead to many car accidents and injuries.


Notice the orange soda bottle with a Coca-Cola label? Is this an undercover bottle of Coke surreptitiously discovering the marketing tricks of the Fanta brand? Or does this bottle of Coca-Cola seem a bit jaundiced? Does anyone else find it a little bit creepy?


This advertising billboard is either an advertisement for a magician’s act or just plain wrong and a professional embarrassment. How long would the professionals hanging this sign have to overlook or ignore a mistake of this magnitude?


Small business owners seeking staff members must be careful even about the most slightest issues. The business owner who place this advertisement may still be wondering why he can’t fill the position advertised. Maybe he should consider that in order to meet his qualifications, the applicant must be at least 38 years old – 18 years old with 20 years of experience. This advertisement might actually be questionably illegal because of potential implied age discriminations. It is unlawful to discriminate work candidates based on age.


An automobile lift is an important piece of equipment for a car’s maintenance. The lift does exactly what its name implies: Raises the car so that a mechanic can work beneath a car more easily. In the picture below, it is pretty obvious that this car lift did something it was NOT designed to do – namely split a car in 2.