Biracial Twins with Shocking Dissimilarities

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Throughout your life, you have heard that twins are genetically identical and almost look similar on the outside. Well, that’s true for 99% of twins. Donna and Vince Aylmer expected that too when a doctor told them they are going to have a twin this time around. But on the day of delivery, Donna and Vince were taken by complete surprise. Donna had delivered twins with completely different skin tone. If you think that’s weird when you don’t know how they looked like when they grew up. Want to know more about the twin and their shocking story? Read on!

The background

Twin sisters Maria and Lucy were born in Gloucester, England in 1997. Though their parents were together during their birth, they soon divorced and co-parented both Lucy and Maria. As expected, Donna and Vince were from different ethnic background, which you can guess from the skin color of the sisters.


Different ethnicity

While Donna was a Jamaican, Vince was a Caucasian. Vince worked as a scaffolder while Donna worked at a warehouse. Well, there are not a lot of similarities between the parents. Likewise, when they welcomed their babies to earth- instead of a mixed skin tone, Maria and Lucy had quite opposite tones.


Non-identical twins

Unlike most other twins Lucy and Maria weren’t monozygotic twins. That means they came from two different eggs of their mother. That’s why there are such dissimilarities between them since they didn’t inherit the exact genes from their parents.


Donna was utterly surprised

Once Lucy gave an interview to Daily Mail where she told the reporter about the exact mental situation of their mother when she first saw them after delivery. You can’t tell about the skin tone from USG scan. So, when the midwife handed them over to Donna, she was truly speechless.


Dissimilar appearances, similar outfits

Even though the sisters didn’t look like they were from the same family, mother Donna, from their early childhood, always dressed them in identical outfits. This would always confuse the outsiders. It was obvious that they had very little in common.


But how did their other siblings look?

Their siblings

Lucy and Maria have two elder brothers and one sister. In contrast to them, brothers John and Jordan had mixed skin tone. Plus, sister Chynna had quite similar skin tones to their brothers. Only they were different. While Lucy had pale while complexion, Maria had a darker one.


Their grandmother

During her interview with the Daily Mail reporter, apart from their siblings, Lucy also told about their grandmother. She was a typical English woman with a fair complexion, just like Lucy herself. So, apart from skin tones, what else did those sisters had the difference in?


Different eyes and hair

Up until now you might have thought those twins only had different skin tones. Wrong! While Lucy had blue eyes that is typical of most English girls, Maria had dark brown eyes. Lucy had red hair while Maria had black curly hair. Maria told a reporter once that she actually hated her hair.


Things they hated most

We already know that Maria hated her hair. During one interview with Inside Edition, Maria told that Lucy hated her pale skin. She was often bullied by her peers because of her incredibly light complexion. They would call her a ghost. Because of this Lucy often came home crying.


No identity swapping

While twins often prank others by swapping identities, Lucy and Maria couldn’t do that to their peers. Anyone could tell them apart just by looking once. Maria once laughingly said, they often tried to trick their teachers at school but every time failed miserably. But what other things did those sisters miss out on?


Sharing same emotions

Reporters once asked the sisters if they had any sort of psychic bond. The sisters denied. But they gave a strange information. Often they would feel the same pain at the same time at the same place. While this is not unheard of, this is extremely rare. The sisters got scared at times too.


Time to be different

By the time the sisters were 7, they had decided to put an end to their identical dress strategy. They told Donna that from now on since they don’t actually look like twins, they would dress differently. So, how they looked like when they entered college and how they dressed?


Their present look

The sisters are 18 years old now. Here is a picture of their present outlook. Don’t they look gorgeous? Yeah, sure! But they are totally different now. Anyone without a prior knowledge wouldn’t even consider them to be related to each other.


Different sense of style

These pictures only prove that the sisters have grown a different sense of style over the years. While Maria prefers professional outfits, Lucy, on the other hand, prefers a more dark and edgy outlook and prefers to exhibit her piercings. Such contrast in taste and style!


Different personalities too

In addition to their dresses, the sisters also differ in their personalities. Maria is outgoing, bold and loves to meet people. On the other hand, Lucy is shy and has a measured approach to her behavior.


Little bond between them

The sisters confessed that since their early childhood they had a little bond between them. Maybe this was down to the fact that they had different personalities or they wore different dresses. But Lucy thinks that their lack of bonds is due to the fact that they don’t look like twins.


A new dimension to their relationship

The sisters are growing older together, and are starting to value their differences. Maria told a news reporter that recently they could feel a strong bond growing between them. She thought this is due to them becoming mature.


Want to stay together forever

When they were children, they often fought with each other. Back then they didn’t understand the value of being together. But they now understand the true value of togetherness, and both the sisters have expressed their desires to stay together forever.