AMAZING Moment– A Blind Man Finally Sees His Family

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Gene Purdie has been suffering with Stargardt’s disease for the last fifteen years. This disease allows him to see the outlines of things, but not really see what is right in front of him. As such, he make out vague shapes and where objects are, but he cannot see the details about them.


Gene was lucky enough to met his wife Joy. She asked him why he kept walking back and forth past her and he told her it was because he was blind. She told him to have a seat and they got to chatting. As they say, the rest is history. They feel in love, and even though he couldn’t see the color of her eyes, the shape of her nose, how she wore her hair or when she was smiling or frowning at him, he knew he loved her and wanted her forever. After a couple of years of dating, they were married. And as typically happens following a marriage, a baby was born a little while later.

Once again, Gene Purdie couldn’t see what his son looked like or the faces he made as he grew. However, despite all of this, Gene felt thankful for what he could see, as some people are forever blind. It also helps that he has not been blind his whole life, so when his wife described what their son looked like or was doing, he could create images in his own mind.

But Gene’s whole life was about to change. One day his wife, Joy, was watching the Rachel Ray Show. Rachel had a guest on who was able have her vision temporarily restored thanks to special glasses. Thinking that these glasses could help her husband, she contacted the show. She wasn’t sure if they could put her in touch with the company that made the glasses or help her in any way, but if there was any possibility, she knew she had to give it a try. Imagine her surprise when a while later, her and her husband were invited to the Rachel Ray show. She had a feeling something special was in store, but had no idea until they were on stage.

The company that made the glasses for the other blind woman was able to make a pair for Gene Purdie. These glasses took high quality images of what was in front of them and transformed them in such a way that his eyes could make them out perfectly. This allowed him to see details that he hadn’t been able to see in over 15 years. This also allowed him the opportunity to see his wife and son for the first time. Gene was first shown a picture of his wife, to which he replied she was pretty. But the tear-jerker moment came when he was able to see a photo of his son for the first time, a moment that made him, his wife and the audience break down in tears.