A Working DOG

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One would never think of a dog as an employee. Most people find the story of Negao, a dog employed at a Shell gas station at Mogi das Cruzes as funny, shocking, and even emotional.

While irrational business-minded folks would just declare Negao’s employment as a marketing strategy, most customers don’t. The customers, just like many other people who are familiar with the dog’s story may consider Sabrina Plannerer’s decision to take in the dog as a captivating, unique act of mercy towards an animal.

Having been abandoned at the gas station two years ago, Negao wasn’t aware of what fate had in store for him. Instead of wandering around the city to find a refuge just like most animals would do when abandoned, he just hanged around, probably still hopeful that his owner would show up. Negao was never aware of the fact that the station would become his new home and even workplace, just to mention.

The reaction of the customers once they spot the dog and realize that he is one of the employees at the station has been Negao’s only way to repay his new owners for the act of mercy they showed him two years ago when they took him in. The customers, who always come back to the station, are happy with the dog. They even bring him toys!
He is not a slave. Negao even has time to relax at home when he is not on duty. During such times, he may decide to go out for walks. As a result, Plannerer has a happy employee who greets customers with smiles while always wagging his tail at them.

The badge
The working tag on him tells everyone that he is not illegally or just aimlessly walking around the gas station but a gesture that he is there for the customers, willing to diligently serve them. The I-serve-at-your-pleasure smile thrills the customers as it is Negao’s style of expressing hospitality.

Following the customers’ satisfaction, which is evidenced by them always coming back to the gas station, it would be prudent to say that Plannerer has never regretted having given the dog a home.

A blessing in disguise
Being a full-time employee at a gas station might have never been Negao’s childhood dream, that is, in case dogs have dreams too but having been abandoned must have brought lots of worries to him. It must have looked like “the end of the road” to him. Getting a home, food, treatment, and a job must have surprised Negao.

When Plannerer employed the dog, not everyone saw the silver lining in the cloud. She must have had some critics, but at the end of it all, it has turned into a great blessing to her business.

How Negao is likely to affect the future of gas station employees in Brazil
It would not be a surprise to see most gas stations in Brazil starting to have dogs as their employees. The trend might pick up because Negao has entirely given the business exactly what it wanted. Customers!