A Smart Struggle with Cancer

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Cancer is one of the most feared diseases on earth. It has claimed lots of lives, although the situation got worse in 2016 where it took more than 500,000 lives.

While one would be “resting in peace” after a struggle with cancer, the family and friends of the deceased get devastated of losing a loved one. People often cannot even handle the fact that they will never see certain people again. It was not the case with the loved ones of Mr. Walter Harris.


Upon his death, the world Health Organization and other bodies in that line must have added just another digit to the lives already claimed by cancer in 2017, but his family and friends were left behind celebrating a life well lived. It seemed that none of them went down the same road of depression as most bereaving families. Walter did not give them a reason to travel in that direction. It is a disturbing fact that may make one doubt the love they had for him, but once one get to know of Walter’s story, then it becomes evident that their courage was totally due to the deep affection they had for the gone strong soul.
Before his death, Walter gave life his last shot. He took a step that would shout to the whole world that one can become stronger than the scary disease.

A custom obituary published by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette upon Walter’s death was a surprise to many readers but not to those close to him. It was a clear indication of Walter’s premonition of his death. Unlike most premonitions that would leave everyone crying with more pain, Walter’s was a sign of hope and an assurance to other cancer patients that despite their health conditions, they can still make the most out of their lives.

Walter described his battle with cancer as weak one, albeit he lost it. He despised the disease! What he strongly points to the fact that his death does not matter by joking about his place of death. He says, “The location of his passing is none of your business.” He instead focuses on the time of his birth on April 17, 1960, specifically on Highway 41 in the back seat of a Greyhound bus. This point to the birth of strong spirit and personality instead of a weak patient who died of cancer.

Do not take life seriously
His friend Steve Barcley describes him as one who did not ‘take life seriously.’ He added on to say that the obituary was Walter’s way of telling the whole world that nothing is worth taking life seriously.

Smile in disguise
Aged 56, Walter lost his life to the disease on January 30, 2017. He left behind a strong family that considers him to have had an amazing wit of humor. His brother Cliff says that he used the obituary to give them the last laugh. He describes his brother’s ability to make him smile in the face of disguise.

A strong, hilarious soul lost.