30 Adorable Pictures of Babies and Dogs

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There’s nothing cuddlier than man’s best friend! And it’s always best to meet your best friend as soon as possible, as these babies are learning. Here’s some “aw” inspiring photos of some sweet cherubs playing, relaxing and just having fun being exposed to the most loyal and loving friend a person can ever have. Just looking at these sweet and innocent cuties is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face!

All on a Golden Retriever!


You can tell from the gray fur around this fellow’s eyes that’s he’s seen a few years. He’s ready to teach this smiling sweetheart that happiness can come from just relaxing quietly.

Snug as a Pug!


Three little pugs have created a cozy sleeping pile around this dozing darling. One looks like he wouldn’t mind sharing that pacifier!

Are they Twins?


This baby and his shar pei pal are both chubby little cuddly balls of adorableness!

Do You See It Too?


This Siberian Husky is a cuddly mountain of fur next to his little friend! Looks like he’s teaching him how to lay low and look at what’s out there.

On Top of Old Sleepy


Another classic black and white image. German shepherds are naturally protective animals. No doubt this one will be a good guardian angel to the baby sleeping on his back.

Little Help Here?


This labs being as patient as can be with this grabby little girl. Remember; Love is patient, Love is kind….

Mmm…Tastes Like Chicken!


This French bulldog couldn’t resist giving baby a little kiss! Who wouldn’t want to kiss those plump, rosy cheeks?

Now Take A Deep Breath….


Looks like either Mommy or Daddy is in the medical profession and someone found the stethoscope! The serious looks on the faces of both the boxer and the toddler add to the humor of the situation.

Hey, Bulldog!


Who says English bulldogs are tough? This one tenderly cuddles his onesie wearing friend.

What’s So Funny?


This basset’s a bit confused by her giggly friend, but she’s willing to sit up just like her!

The Golden Compass: Preschoolers’ Edition


There is just something almost magical about this image of a white clad girl kneeling in the snow with this white Pyraneese. What fascinating treasure is she showing to her furry friend?



Want to show how big a Great Dane is? Put them next to a baby! This little girl probably thinks she got a pony!

In the Style of Perrault


Four little Chihuahuas and a baby sleep like the innocent cherubs in classic paintings. What could be sweeter?



This terrier is taking a nap with his little quarterback! Now the baby knows what a teddy bear feels like.

I’ll Protect You From That Nasty Bath!


This toy poodle is willing to stand guard over this baby girl so she doesn’t have to go through the horror that is taking a bath! Down Fifi!



Who says a Doberman pinscher can’t be adorable? This one takes on the “let’s play!” gesture for her amused friend.

Little Soft Fluffy Sleepers


The little wandering angels have folded their wings and find sweet dreams in a hammock. A tiny cocker spaniel looks content to snuggle with her sleepy friend and a few stuffed toys.

Kiss from a Rose


This old German shepherd’s too pooped to play anymore. A sweet thing in pink pajamas understands and plants a gentle kiss on his fuzzy head.

My Fuzzy Pillow


This beagle is content to lay down and let the baby use him as a pillow. Charlie Brown and Snoopy: The Early Years!

The Lab is a Comedian!


Looks like this rather deadpan chocolate lab made his baby friend laugh. From the way the lab’s looking up, it could be “Know why that ceiling fan is like a rumor? It keeps going around and around….”

When a Problem Comes Along, You Must Whippet!


This baby is surprised to see a whippet licking his hand. It’s the start of a beautiful friendship!

I Will Hug Him and Squeeze Him and Call Him George….


This mastiff has found a little friend and is never letting go! And the little friend couldn’t be happier.

Sharks Meet Spots


A baby in shark print jammies shows off his first set of chompers as a friendly Dalmatian snuggles close. They’re gonna be good friends, simple as black and white.

Are You a Lion?


This baby is in awe of the dignified chow laying next to him. Is it any wonder chows inspired the great fu-dog statues?

Hello, friend!


This baby greets her new friend, a West Highland White Terrier! Westies are friendly, but be gentle!

The Bunny! The Bunny! Oh, I Love the Bunny!


It’s Easter and this little Yorkie wants in on the fun! The little girl is just happy to have a little playmate.

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep….


A sweet little Dachsund is tucked in with a baby pal. What innocent angels!

We’re Getting the Band Back Together.


Ok, enough with the sweet little angels. Time to rock out! Move over, ZZ Top! The bull terrier in the cheap sunglasses has you beat!

Group Hug!


This baby has three furry little friends. And he just has to hug them all!

Tutu cute!


What could be better than Christmas? Christmas with a pair of weimaraners!

What Do You Do With a Toddler Sailor?


Seems like this little sailor hasn’t found his sealegs yet! Good thing he’s got three little buddies to encourage him to try again.