20 Best Perfectly Timed Photos Ever Captured

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1. Her safari had been Ruined by a Man-eating Camel

There is a reason why the zoo owners told her not to feed the animals. This situation got a little carried away after she tried to get a photograph with the camel for her Facebook page.


2. This guy went to the ball game, and all he got was a baseball bat to the jaw

Ms. Cho dodged the bat with her ninja skills so that the guy behind her took the blow. If you notice, the lady behind him tried to catch the bat before he did.


3. Possessed, demonic hellhound devours his treat

You better have another one ready for him, or else…


4. The reporter gives a speech on a flying carpet

The shadows are so perfect that it is hard to deny that she really is flying.


5. Mouse training for his appearance on Ninja Warrior

It is a terrifying thought how mice are training to become more efficient at stealing our food. It is time to dig into the foundation of the house to uncover their secret militia training camps.


6. Reporter takes a selfie before getting struck in the back of the head by a curve ball

This is why you should not be messing around with your phone next to the baseball field. While she was busy adjusting filters for the perfect social media profile picture, she was smacked right in the back of the head. It wouldn’t be surprising if she took a selfie for her Instagram while in the hospital bed.


7. Man taking a selfie with Jaws

This man was so excited when he saw the famous shark from the famous movie. He then promptly turned around to ask for an autograph as well.


8. Best Airforce prank caught on camera

The camera snapped the photo just before the water hit his head. These are the types of people that we are paying with our tax dollars.


9. It is now confirmed that President Trump is Dr. Evil

He may have won the election, but what he really wants is sharks with freaking laser beams attached to their heads. They needed a second iPhone to turn Mr. Bigglesworth into Mike Pence.


10. Vividly captured lighting strikes outside of an aircraft carrier

This terrifying lightning storm surrounded this aircraft carrier in the middle of the sea. It is obvious that none of the planes will be taking off tonight.


11. The thief on the run on a California beach

The clumsy boy takes a dive whilst going after the notorious beach purse snatcher. He is still on the loose to this day.


12. Firefighting aircraft dumps its load in the wrong place

The pilot though he was told to dump the extinguisher on the firemen, instead it was for the fire. Somebody is going to lose their job!


13. The Spanish bull chase made it’s way to the water. Onlookers watched while they continued to drink their beers

This Spanish guy though that he could get away in the water, little does he know that the bull can swim. Rumor has it that the chase is still going on in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.


14. This is why we don’t let Grandpa on the swing set anymore

Grandpa wanted to be pushed by little Jimmy, but his weight was too much for the boy to handle. It was finally time for someone to explain to Grandpa that he is too old to play with the kids on the swing.


15. The seal is too agile for the shark

This unsuspecting shark thought he was in for an easy meal, but the seal is trained in seven different styles of martial arts. What the seal did to the poor shark after this photo was snapped is too horrific for us to recount on this blog.


16. Giant needs the US Army to help with his dental exam

This giant soldier has not been keeping up with his dental hygiene, so it is up to the US military to keep tabs on his cavities. He ran away once they airdropped equipment for his root canal.


17. Checking for pennies under the lawn

Billy was looking for spare change under the lawn but forgot to set it back into place. This may make for a new great hiding spot for your spare key.


18. This guy was so distracted that he did not feel the Nerf dart hit his eye

This was a great test to see how harmless the strike from a Nerf dart is. It was like nothing hit him at all! Now it is time to test out the Super Soaker in his eyes.


19. Even when he crashes, he still has time to wave to his friend

This race car driver is so courteous that he just has to greet his colleagues before plunging to his impending doom. At this position, it appears as if he is about to plant his arm three feet into the dirt below.


20. Giraffe did not want to be left out in this photo

“Out of the way Dave! Me and Mr. Giraffe are now Facebook official!” This is why you don’t bring your girlfriend near Giraffes.